Baad Salaam e Jameel,

Ashara na dinno maa har ek mumin na dil ma niyyat ane ummeed che ke Imam Hussain AS na salawaat nu jaman jamarey ane Aqa Moula TUS ne khush karey. Apan sagla ni niyyat Allah Taala puri karey. Ameen!

We need to start doing Ashara niyaaz tayyari and the instructions below will provide guidance to Mumineen for registering for Ashara niyaaz.

Please check the Ashara Niyaaz Registration sheet for open niyaaz days and send email to to reserve your lunch/dinner niyaaz date. In your email mention date and all the families in your group. Maximum 4 families per niyaaz.

Once your date is confirmed by the niyaaz committee, then please obtain jamaat clearance and take raza from Janab Amilsaheb in person.

The lagat for each niyaaz is $252 (cost of cleaning and kitchen helpers). Sherbet will be prepared by sherbet team and cost is $72. So total to be paid for each niyaaz by host is $324 (252 + 72).

With raza of Janab Aamil Saheb the jaman should be cooked as per the Ashara 1439 Menu. Please avoid beef as much as possible and use goat or chicken kheema. If you have any questions about menu or procurement, please contact Bensaheba or Mu Mudar Bhai Sapatwalla.

There will be boxed To-Go lunch on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only. Rest of the days there will be niyaaz in muwaid during lunch (after waaz) and dinner (after maatam majlis). The boxed lunch will be arranged by the niyaaz committee khidmat guzars and the total cost provided to host families.

Caterers available for cooking are Shamim Ben Alibhai, Tasneem Ben Shakir, and Fatema Ben Tabha.

The rotis can be procured from Rashidaben Vohra, Rashidaben Sodawaterwala, and Tasneemben Jamnagarwala. Put 10 rotis per thaal. Make at least 6 packets extra in case we have more thaals than planned and for to-go thaali requests.

If you require pirsu (to-go thaali) for a family member, please take raza from Janab Aamilsaheb and notify Huzaifa Bhai Rajabali. He will have your labelled thaali ready for pickup in kitchen before each niyaaz.

Host families are requested to please sit and eat with the jamaat. After jaman, please come to the kitchen and help with disposing of any leftover food and serving the Upri thaals.

Everyone must RSVP for Ashara niyaaz. You can RSVP for all Ashara days including Soyum with a single click and then modify individual days as needed. RSVP will close 2 days before each niyaaz date.

Allah Taa’ala Aqa Ali Qadr Moula TUS ni umar sharief ne ta qayamat daraz ane daraz karey – Ameen! Ane mumineen ne Ashara ma Noha ane Matam karwa ni Yaari ata karey – Ameen!