Baad Salaam e Jameel,

As announced on Imam Husain AS Chehlum ni raat, we will begin holding Sabeel ul Khair (for 2018) and Wajebaat Takhmeen bethaks during Tabudaat this year with the raza of Janab Aamilsaheb.

Please use the following link for registration:

Dates are available on Friday evenings, Saturday mornings and Sunday mornings. Statements will be sent via email soon.

Bethaks are being held earlier this year during Tabudaat in compliance with instructions from Alvazat tus Saifiyah. Wajebaat takhmeen and Jamaat lawazim will be collected during Tabudaat. During Shehrullah, mumineen will ada their Wajebaat and Faizul Mawaidul Burhaniyah checks only.

The program for each bethak will be as follows:

– Aqa Moula TUS Noorani Kalemaat
– Janab Amilsaheb will address the bethak majlis collectively.
– Khidmatguzaro will assist with filling out forms for Sabeel ul Khair and other Jamaat lawazim
– Each family will then meet with Janab Amilsaheb in person for Wajebaat takhmeen.

You are requested to bring your checkbooks to settle all Jamaat dues.

Khuda Taala Aqa Moula (TUS) ni umar shareef ne ta roze qayamat daraz ane daraz karjo. Ameen!