How to

  1. Do Aqiqa in Dallas
    1. Jamaat Clearance

    Please visit and request jamaat clearance.  Once granted, please phone Janab Amil Saheb to take raza for Aqeeqah.  You can request a time for Chatti & invite Janab Amil Saheb to accompany you for the Aqeeqah event.

    1. Hayes Farm

    Call @ 817.473.1971 or 817.477.1661 and ask to speak with Juan.  Say that you are from the Dawoodi Bohra community from South Irving & are looking for Aqeeqah sheep or goat.  You might be asked to come and pick a sheep or goat the day before Aqeeqah.  Hayes Farm employees are knowledgeable about Aqeeqah & will assist you in proper selection; however, look for an animal that meets the guidelines below:

    • It cannot be defective or impaired in anyway; for example, it has a cut ear or a broken horn or leg. All of its parts should be intact.
    • For sheep, it must have completed its first year of life and enter its second year of life. A Dumbha is preferred and Male is better.
    • For goat, it much have 4 teeth—2 upper teeth and 2 lower teeth. This is a sign that it is two years of age.  Male is preferred.
    • A goat whose horns haven’t sprouted at all cannot be used.
    1. Preparations

    The day before Aqeeqah make sure you have following things packed: 

    • Trimmer/Razor
    • Nail cutter
    • Hand Soap
    • Sandal (to mix with blood and applied to the child’s forehead)
    • Namak Pani (for zabihat animal to drink)
    • Pillow (for Mamaji to sit with child while shaving head)
    • Mat (For collecting hair and nails; it is easier if you can bury this along with the animal, so that no hair is left unburied)
    • Water
    • Umbrella
    • Cash (for tips)
    • Small bowls (for carrying blood and Namak Pani)
    • Cooler (with ice)
    • Plastic (to carry meat)


    1. Aqeeqah Day

    Arrive @ 10 AM; an SUV or van is recommended so that Mamaji can sit along with the child in the car.  The car can be driven to the Zabihat site.  The butchering takes around 1 hour after Zabihat.  Make sure no bones are broken in the butchering process.  The animal is buried on site.  The mat with the child’s hair & nails should be buried along with the animal.

     IMPORTANT:  Hayes Farm is closed on Mondays.  If the child is born on Tuesday, then Aqeeqah would happen on Monday. You would need to choose a different farm, but the aqeeqah rasam remains the same as described.  Raza has to be obtained first.  Aqeeqaah can be done on the 7th, 14th or 21st day from the child’s birth.

    1. Aqeeqah Rasam

    Mamaji sits with the child in his arms on a cushion facing the Qibla. The head of the child is placed on the right arm.  Someone will recite the Aqeeqaah Doa and at the end of the Doa, when Bismillah Allahhu Akbar is said, the child’s hair is shaved and simultaneously the knife should run over the sheep or goat’s throat.  Some of the Zabihat blood is then mixed with sandalwood powder and applied on the child’s forehead (from where the shaving started).  After the shaving, irrespective of whether the child is a son or a daughter, the nails of the last finger of both hands are clipped.

    Equivalent to the weight of the child’s hair, Sadaqah of gold or silver is to be done.  The bones of the Aqeeqaah sheep or goat are buried and the hide is given away in alms.  The meat is distributed among Mumineen.  A quarter part of the goat along with its entire hind leg should be given to the child’s midwife (qabela), and if she is not a Muslim than money equivalent to the price of that much meat should be given to her.

    The child’s Aqeeqaah has to be performed by the parents.  If the father cannot afford it then the mother should do it.  If there is no source of money or it is forgotten, then after 21 days the parents are no longer eligible to do the Aqeeqaah.  When the child matures, he is to do it from his own wealth.  The son at that time will shave his entire head and the daughter shaves a small part from the back of her head.

    1. Shaat Un Naafs (Sacrifice For The Soul)

    The method for this is similar to the Aqeeqaah Zabihat.  As in the Aqeeqaah, the animal should be sound and without any defect.  Its bones should not be broken – they should be buried.  Sadaqah of the hide should be done.  The meat should be distributed among people. While performing the Zabihat of this sheep or goat the same Doa that is prayed during the Aqeeqaah is prayed.

  2. Volunteer for doing Khidmat in any Jamaat Organizations
  3. Register for Faizul Mawaid al Burhaniyah thaali
    1. After ITS transfer to Dallas Jamaat and registering with Jamaat, obtain raza from Janab Aamilsaheb for starting your FMB thaali.
    2. Please have Jamaat Secretary  send approval for Faizul Mawaidul Burhaniyah account creation.  
    3. Provide below information via email to ITS number, Prefix(Shk, Mulla, Doc etc), First name, Last name, Cell Phone, Phone 2(if any), Primary email address.  
    4. FMB Committee will create your FMB thaali registration account and inform you of your login credentials via email 
    5. Araz Faizul Mawaidul Burhaniyah niyaaz unit until upcoming Sherullah
  4. Sign up for doing Niyaaz

    If you would like to participate in any miqaat niyaaz please contact the host family to join their niyaaz group.  Up to four families can participate in any niyaaz.  Please inform Niyaaz Committee via email: so they can update their records.

    You can also contact the Niyaaz Committee Secretary or any member to find an open slot for doing a miqaat niyaaz.  Please go to > Jamaat > Committees to find the Niyaaz Committee member names. Member contact information can be found in the Directory.

    For Sherullah and Ashara niyaaz, Jamaat will send out an email with instructions for sign up.



  5. Obtain Raza for Karaj or Safai Chitti

    Nizaam to Obtain Raza for Karaj (Occasion) or Safai Chitti

    To obtain raza for any karaj (occasion) or a Safai Chitti, the nizaam is:

    Step 1 – Submit a Jamaat Clearance form.

      1. Go to the Dallas Jamaat Website:
      2. Check the Jamaat Calendar to ensure there is no conflict for the date and time you want
      3. Click on the “Jamaat Clearance” link at the top of the page
      4. Click the “Fill Form” button
      5. Fill out the form (function date, time, what is it, when it is, where it’s hosted, etc.)
      6. For all private functions, you will receive email for jamaat lagat. Lagat can be paid online using credit card.  Clearance for Raza will be granted once the lagat is paid.
      7. You will receive clearance via email.

    Step 2 – Print out the clearance email & get raza from Janab Aamil Saheb preferably in-person


  6. Jamaat Lagat information

      Karaj Lagat  
    1 Nikah Laagat $352.00
    2 Misaaq Laagat $152.00
    3 Aqeeqa Laagat $152.00
      Jamaat Khana Lagat  
    1 Cleaning Fee only for Jamaat sanctioned event (Miqaat, Bairo Moharram Majlis, others) $100.00
    2 All private karaj using muwaid (Private Darees, Majalis,Mithi Sitabi, etc) $352.00
    3 Shaadi Main Reception Function & Jaman $786.00
    4 Security Deposit for private functions in muwaid $1,000.00
    5 Evaan e Mufaddal Rent $786.00
  7. Get log in credentials to
    1. Go to 
    2. Top left hand corner is the link to “Register” with  Fill out the registration form for the Head of Family (HOF) and each member of the family
    3. Your registration will be reviewed and activated.
    4. You will receive activation email with instructions to set password
    5. You will have to register each member of your family for them to show up in the online Directory.